Since 1996, we have been involved in the modeling and casting sector. We established our own company in 2014 and started to produce model and mold design with our experienced staff in 200 m2 closed area.

Our experienced staff uses CAD-CAM programs to design and produce models quickly and precisely.

We contribute to the product development process by working with our customers by designing with our software which supports all CAD file formats with our wide and experienced team.

Model and mold designs can be made with 3D data coming from the customer and can be converted into 3D format by our team.

In 2016, we are in the sector with our business partnered aluminum foundry in the direction of our customers.


High-quality, high-quality service to maximize customer satisfaction.

– Customer satisfaction-oriented working, quality, technology-supported, in series, to share the minimum and complete error in the production as timely.


-Firstly, our aim is to fulfill the work without failing without compromising quality and to ensure 100% customer-oriented satisfaction.

-Provide the delivery of the product in a timely and error-free manner.

-We provide best service and quality to our customers with our reasonable price and payment terms.

-With the understanding of innovative approaches in the business life and our belief in total quality and our strong employees,

– Speedy,
– Complete,
– Smiling,
– Provide effective service.