Considering the environment and climate balances in terms of technological structure and production principles, environmental protection sensitivity plays an important role in our production culture as a result of the combination of human oriented product development effort.

The reason why the manufactured product meets the human need has enabled us to act with a sense of respect for the environment and human being through the observation of different economic, social environment and culture acquisition of our societies. GEBZE MACHINE MODEL aims to realize the demanded design and product oriented requests with the reuse cycle. the idea that gives importance to education in itself is not only limited by this idea in the working environment, but it is one of the important items in our duty and responsibility list.

The choice of raw material and production technique in order to use the technologies of the day in line with these principles, tekn respect for human beings and the desire to be sensitive to the environment imiz constitute our basic structure.

In line with these values, our pursuit of certificates and training programs continues at full speed. The fact that these investments made for the environment and nature are our mandatory duty and that we have the duty to protect nature and people as an integral part of the service we offer to all our institutions and organizations makes us happy to fulfill our responsibilities.

We will continue our services by working with these conditions in order to create a happy society with a clean and bright future, sensitivity to environmental and climate balances.